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Welcome to the A B Computers Ltd listing for PC Repair Finder.co.uk. A B Computers Ltd provides PC repair and laptop repair and PC maintenance services in Coventry. We can provide support for PCs, Laptops, Notebooks, iMacs, iBooks and computers. | [Edit Text]

A B Computers Ltd
3 The Quadrant
024 76226227

Website: http://www.zarax.co.uk
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    Nick Waddington on 09 Dec 2009
    I went into the shop with my laptop that didnt work, the problem was that there was no display when the laptop was turned on. The guy said he would fix it by the following day. I go back the next day and he has my laptop up and working infront of me, i think ok, it must work, pay him the 67 he asks for (a bit steep!) and go on my way. 10 minutes after i leave the shop i switch it on and it doesnt work. I feel this guy vastly overcharged for work he DIDNT deliver, he is a joke. Im a student, and if i pay 67 that i dont really have, i want some result!! He said he had done a BIOS reset, i dont know if this warrants paying him nearly 70quid, but i think he did 5minutes work and charged me for 5 hours!! I will never be using this computer shop again, i had to control my anger and frustration when i asked why he hadnt fixed my laptop. Also, this isnt the first time this type of thing has happened with this store, a friend of mine took his laptop in and they said they could fix whatever was wrong with it, they return the laptop still not working but still charge for labour. That particular laptop was fixed a week later by my friends dad. Complete joke, i wouldnt reccommend this shop to anyone at all. Very poor service as they didnt deliver a result, way too expensive for what they should have done, and finally the smirk on the guys face when i returned unhappy. Thankyou.

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